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NCAA Football 12 (PS3)

NCAA Football 12 (PS3)
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NCAA Football 12 lets you experience the rise to dominance of a young, up-and-coming gridiron star hoping to make his way to a college superpower of choice and eventually a national championship.

Experience the pride and pageantry of gameday Saturday like never before as you go from high school superstar to top college player to head coach in Road to Glory and Dynasty modes. With an enhanced in-game presentation, new traditions, and an all-new collision system, make an impact by leading your team to the National Championship with NCAA Football 12.

- Dynasty Mode - Dynasty Mode in NCAA Football 12 is all about customizing your experience. Through the Coaching Carousel you can start out as a head coach and climb the coaching ladder to your dream job. With Custom Conferences you can alter the landscape of college football by editing conference membership, conference rules, and BCS bowl tie-ins to your liking.
- Conference Customization - Create new rivalries and alter the landscape of college football forever by realigning conferences throughout college football. Build new 16-team super conferences, create conference schedules, decide BCS bowl tie-ins, and more.
- Authentic Gameday Traditions - Feel the true emotion of college football as your team runs onto the field with new pre-game traditions like the Sooner Schooner and Ramblin' Wreck, and celebrate big plays alongside school icons like Chief Osceola, Uga, and Tommy Trojan.
- Enhanced Tackling Engine - Your college gameday experience rises to a whole new level with an all-new momentum-based collision and tackling system that allows you to control a player through the moment of impact.
- Road to Glory Mode - Live your journey to a national championship like never before as you explore your high school years like never before, including: games, practices, tracking colleges that you are interested in and your progress in earning a scholarship.

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NCAA Football 12 (PS3)
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NCAA Football 12 (PS3)
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NCAA Football 12 (PS3)
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