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Age of Pirates Captain Blood (PC)

Age of Pirates  Captain Blood (PC)
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Land missions are arcade fighting with multiple enemies. Player controls his characters and fights the enemies, pirates and enemy soldiers. He can use different weapons like cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives and hand bombs.

Also player can perform various strikes and combos against the enemies. For killing them, character gets special points that can be used for acquiring new fighting techniques. Moreover, he earns the gold that can be spent on new weapons and equipment.

In most of the missions player character is followed by his allies who fight the enemies as well as character does. The main idea of land missions is to give the player an impression of being in the heart of the fierce battle with many things going on around him. To improve player's immersion in the game the environment is completely interactive. All the time player fights he sees cannonballs flying in and breaking ship's interior or fort tower exploding and falling down almost on his character's head.

We are seeking to give the player an impression he could get playing the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King games. But we deepen and enlarge this impression almost to a movie with player playing the main role.

An entirely new game engine (a successor of unmatched STORM 2 engine that is still perfect for naval landscapes and was used for development of Pirates of the Caribbean) delivers spectacular 3D graphics with high poly-count and all new shader-based features implemented.

- Live a life of the most noble and brave pirate in realization of the best book of Rafael Sabatini. Follow the pirate star in a search of gold, glory and love
- Steer your ship "Arabella" through numerous battles with overwhelming enemies: capture enemy ships and destroy forts with cannon fire. Shatter masts, break hulls, rip sails and hit gunpowder casemates to win naval confrontations.
- Rush into fiery hand-to-hand boarding with your swashbuckler companions and fight enemies using complex fighting system with many combos and feints. Feel yourself in a middle of a battle and use cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives and hand bombs to dispose opponents. Don't forget about dirty pirate tricks!
- Game graphics and camera work provide the player an impression of being a pirate movie hero. Beautiful sea landscapes and boarding crowd scenes looks more convincing than in real life.
- Get experience points for battling pirates and soldiers and develop new fighting techniques and feints. Earn gold in your adventures and upgrade your "Arabella"!
- Game world changes as the player goes through the story. Watch the living surroundings of a large-scale battle or board ships under enemy fire.

Age of Pirates Captain Blood

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